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Pierre Sterling

SALES MANAGER for South and Central America



Brasil: +55 48 9627-5671

USA: +1 305-256-5634 (O)
Calls will automatically forward to my cell phone.

786-214-6739 (Fax)

Skype: psterling

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Product Lines We Represent

YSI Products

YSI Products

6-Series Multiparameter Monitoring Sondes, ProSeries Water Quality Handhelds and Laboratory equipment.  For more information on YSI's product lines, visit ysi.com.


YSI Systems

Integrated systems and services.  EcoMapper, Vertical Profiling Systems, Buoys, EcoNet Web-enabled Monitoring.  For more information on YSI Systems, visit ysi.com/systems.




WaterLOG Products

Hydrological Monitoring Equipment.  Bubbler Systems, Data Collection Platforms, Radar Water Level Systems, Satellite Transmitter.  For more information on the WaterLOG product line, visit waterlog.com.




SonTek Products

SonTek/YSI Products

Acoustic Doppler systems for Water Velocity measurement.  FlowTracker, Argonaut Series, RiverSurveyor S5/M9. For more information on SonTek products, visit sontek.com.



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